A vision is born
Roma Park: A Successful Development with a Bright Future. Roma Park is a master-planned community located in the heart of Lusaka's emerging business district. The development consists of residential and commercial plots, and has been praised for its high quality infrastructure, strong capital growth, and impressive rental yields.Since its inception in 2012, property prices in Roma Park have soared from an entry price of $28.50 per sqm to a remarkable $130 per sqm in 2022. This represents an impressive annual rate of return of close to 16.4% on capital. Moreover, residential rentals in Roma Park have consistently outperformed properties in other parts of Lusaka, commanding rental rates approximately 30% higher. These positive rental trends are projected to remain resilient in the future. In addition to its strong capital growth and rental yields, Roma Park also boasts excellent infrastructure. The development has over 10km of roads, fibre optic connectivity throughout, and water and sewage reticulation. This high quality infrastructure makes Roma Park a desirable place to live and work, and contributes to its strong investment potential.

Premier Real Estate

The estate has approximately 202 prime residential plots averaging between 1000sqm to 2500sqm in size for sale.

Managed estate

All purchasers in Lion's Hill Estate are required to become members of the Lion's Hill Property Owners Association (LPPOA). The POA provides rules, regulations, and building guidelines that govern the estate. Construction regulations at Lion's Hill Estate will be similar to Roma Park, with some variations on allowable roofs as we move away from terracotta tiles. The floor area ratios and regulations will remain in place. For more information, please contact the Lion's Hill Team. All plots come fully serviced with essential utilities, including water, electricity, and sewage services. Our secure gated system and a welcoming clubhouse add to the comfort and convenience of living at Lion's Hill Estate.

Serviced plots

Enhanced Security
Living in a gated community offers an extra layer of security that provides homeowners with peace of mind. The controlled access means that only residents and their authorized visitors can enter, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other crimes.    

Reduced Traffic
Gated communities often have reduced traffic because of limited access, which can make the environment safer and more peaceful for residents. This can also mean less noise and fewer distractions for those who work from home.

Many gated communities offer amenities that are exclusive to residents such as a clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, playground, and tennis courts. These amenities can help create a sense of community and make it easier for residents to socialize and meet new people.    

Property Value

Gated communities often have higher property values compared to non-gated communities. The added security and amenities are a big draw for homebuyers, making homes in these communities more desirable and valuable.    

Sense of Community
Living in a gated community can foster a sense of community among residents. The shared amenities, security, and access control can make it easier for neighbors to get to know each other and build relationships. This can lead to a stronger sense of community and a feeling of belonging.    

Design Guidelines
Gated communities often have design guidelines in place to ensure control over construction. These guidelines can help to maintain a consistent aesthetic and protect property values. Homeowners' associations (HOAs) are responsible for establishing and enforcing these guidelines, which may include restrictions on the types of materials that can be used, the size and style of homes, and landscaping requirements.

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